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Are Antibiotics the answer for Sinusitis?

For year’s antibiotics have been the main treatment for Sinus Infections, however  the discovery of antibiotics and its properties have resulted in doctors relying too heavily on them when it comes to treating certain conditions in today’s world. Recent studies have shown that this over usage has caused a new strain of resistant bacteria.

When bacteria enter the sinus cavities, they become trapped in the mucus, produced by the mucous membrane linings. Here the bacteria begins to multiply, causing the mucus to become thick, ropey and tenacious. Your mucus may become yellow or green in color, which could be an indication of a Sinus Infection.

The main purpose of mucus is to clean and moisten the sinuses. If the mucus is thick and infected with bacteria, the sinus cavities will not function properly. This is when you start to suffer from the symptoms of Sinusitis (a sinus infection). Your head hurts, your nose is blocked or runny and your throat feels as if it's on fire.

We all want the fastest, safest and most effective product to help treat Sinusitis, and we all know that leaving our condition untreated is a definite no-no, as we might end up with complications such as Post Nasal Drip, Rhinitis, Fungal Infections or even worse Nasal Polyps. This is why most of us turn to antibiotics.

What are Antibiotics?

To understand how antibiotics work we must first understand what they are. Antibiotics are basic substances made from bacteria that restrict the growth of other germs.

Are Antibiotics effective in treating Sinusitis?

For many years, antibiotics have been used excessively to treat Sinusitis.

The main causes of Sinusitis are viral infections, allergies or irritants. A small percentage of infections are actually caused by bacteria, which antibiotics (if used correctly) can treat. This is where you need to be careful when deciding if antibiotics are the right course of action for your specific infection because antibiotics are mainly used in the treatment of bacterial infections.

There are two types of antibiotics:

  • Narrow spectrum antibiotics are antibiotics which only kill a few bacteria and are highly prescribed.
  • Broad spectrum antibiotics, which kill many bacteria, are more effective but can lead to antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Recent studies have shown that antibiotics destroy both the harmful and the good bacteriain in your body. Probiotics are the good bacteria found naturally in the body. These bacteria prevent pathogen (bad) bacteria from growing.

Not only do antibiotics cause resistant bacteria strains, they also have side effects. Antibiotics can cause:

  • Weight gain
  • Food allergies
  • A weakened immune system through continual use. Without a strong immune system our bodies will not be able to fight against everyday infections.
  • A funny taste in your mouth
  • Tummy ache
  • Diarrhea
  • A yeast infection

Antibiotics can be effective but with over usage and evolution it seems as though this era of treatment is ending rapidly.

What is Antibiotic resistance?

When antibiotics are prescribed to treat bacterial infections they work quite well. When incorrectly used, overused or even once a treatment of antibiotics is completed, the bacteria continue to grow. Over time, these bacteria have built defenses against the antibiotics so that the treatment has no effect on them. Bacteria have also evolved to survive this form of medicine and have developed into resistant strains.

Other alternatives used to treat Sinusitis

Don’t, for one minute think that antibiotics are your only route when treating Sinusitis. There are other alternatives besides antibiotics treatments, that are not only natural and safe, but also effective. One such product currently on the market is the Sinus-Pro remedies!

Sinus-Pro has a variety of products suited to treat all sinus problems. We have:

Sinus-Pro products are completely safe and natural with no side effects! These remedies treat the underlying conditions of your problem offering you long term relief.

Many people see antibiotics as a solution to all their ailments but in reality the over usage of these medication has weakened the immune systems ability to fight off infections and contributed to the evolution of resistant bacteria.

A probiotic treatment can be taken to boost the immune system, which is sold at pharmacist and various medical stores. If a probiotic is not taken people may experience unwanted symptoms such as thrush (virginal yeast infection), food allergies or weight gain.

When sinus infections are caused by viral infections, allergies or irritants it is important to use the right medication. Sinus-Pro products treat bacterial, viral and allergic infection alike.


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